Is PayPerSin a religious movement?
No. PayPerSin is not a religious movement.
Our goal: To offer sin relief to the agnostic,
non-believer and disillusioned believer.
PayPerSin was established in 2006 by the artist Andrew Barton.

What are the three steps to sin relief?
The technique is based on the Sin Relief Triangle, which is a three step program, designed to offer relief from sin:
1. Confess - Confess your own sins, or the sins committed against you.
Forgive - Forgive someone else, something else, or yourself.
Pay - Pay for it, by credit card or by an act of kindness.

Forgiving someone else?
Paypersin can be used in two ways. Either to accomplish forgiveness for your own sins, or, as is often the case, to forgive someone else of the sins they have committed against you.

What sins do you cover?
Different societies have different views on what is right and wrong. We at PayPerSin never define the sin. We only offer three simple alternatives: The Large, Medium or Small sin.
As a customer here at
PayPerSin.com we leave it up to you to decide.
Is the sin; a
Large, Medium or Small sin?
You are the judge of this.

Is Forgiveness necessary?
Perhaps the most important step in sin relief is the act of forgiving yourself, someone else or something else.

What am I paying for?
You are paying for the sins you have confessed to, either your own or someone else`s.
This payment can be made
by credit card or by an act of kindness.

Do we at PayPerSin encourage sinning?
No. Sinning may lead to social condemnation, and may obviously cause some personal discomfort in the long run.

How are my payments handled?
Payments by credit card are handled by industry leading Paypal.com.
Paypal offer safe, secure and
confidential online payment, with more than 100 million accounts worldwide.

Does PayPerSin.com really work?
Our goal is to establish an alternative to religious based sin relief, offering sin relief to a potential
one billion non-believers worldwide.
We offer the technique to acheiving non-religious relief from sin.

The rest is up to you.
Paypersin.com 2006 All rights reserved by Andrew Barton
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